September 18 2015

Hard Rock Cafe Station Square

A Glimmer of Hope Foundation, 'the symbol of the cure', is widely recognized in the Pittsburgh area. For the past 18 years, the foundation has been dedicated to raising funds to further breast cancer research in pre-menopausal women. Since the incidence of breast cancer in women under forty is increasing, the foundation has positioned itself to expand its effort to a national level in order to focus more attention to this alarming development. The Foundation has donated over 2.2 million dollars to help fund research in Western Pennsylvania.

21+ Event

There are limited booths and tables you can reserve but not many. Those will go fast. Sell out is 350 and we are fully expecting to hit that.  Please note that this is a limited seating event

New Uber Users can sign up and receive $20 off their first ride. Go to - and use the code GlimmerOfHope

September 18, 2015 Hard Rock Cafe Benefit for Glimmer of Hope Foundation